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Homestead Carry Yoke E - makes your work so easy... you may break out in song!

Attention: Animal Owners, Gardeners, and Homesteaders! You NEED this building plan!

Do you go to horse shows, cattle shows, or other animal events? Often the water source is far away from where your animal is tied or stalled. One hard working horse can drink more than 10 gallons of water in a single day! That is a lot of water to carry across the show grounds.

Do you take care of animals? Do you have to carry water during the winter months? Splashing ice cold water on your legs in freezing weather is no fun. Do you find yourself hauling buckets where a hose can’t reach? Or needing water where there is no ready tap?

Are you a homesteader? If so you probably often find your self carrying lots of heavy buckets! Loads of rocks, loads of fruit, loads of feed, and loads of dirt or manure are common on the homestead. Sometimes homesteaders even find themselves carrying water to newly planted trees or plantings that are far from the water source. Perhaps you tap your own trees to make maple syrup and often carry heavy buckets of sap.

So what to do … take a hint from the past and make yourself a bucket yoke!

Carry YokeWith our easy plans you can make the “Homestead Carry Yoke E” for a song! It distributes the load evenly across your shoulders instead of your arms and hands making your hard work so much easier to bear. It stabilizes your load for less splash and less waste. You arrive with a full bucket! The “Homestead Carry Yoke E” fits in a small space, making it easy to store, easy to haul to those shows, and it works with any kind of bucket. Since you build it yourself it can be as plain and useful, or fancy and handy, as YOU choose!

The “Homestead Carry Yoke E” - makes your work so much easier you may even break out in song! Heck, you could even carry a tune in your bucket!

$10.00 - WEBSITE Special! - includes Free Delivery by First Class Mail!