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The Wooden Wagon

An easy to build classic wooden wagon the perfect homestead tool and authentic enough for those living history events! ... NOTE: Sexy kitty model NOT included!

Oriental Box Bellows

  • * Do you love the look of handmade wooden wagon?
  • * Are you looking for that perfect birthday or Christmas     present?
  • * Do you and your family participate in living history events?     Whether it is Renaissance Faire, LARP, SCA, Norse or Civil     War reenacting - you NEED a period appropriate means to     transport your items!
  • * How about a sturdy useful wagon to use as your garden cart     - hauling your materials or displaying your plants...
  • * ... or a homestead hauling tool for your farm - that is as     beautiful as it is hard working?

  •         Our Classic Wooden Wagon will fit the bill!

  •      With our easy plans most any handy person can build it!

    Our beautiful 30 page booklet includes a materials list, professionally designed measured drawings, and detailed instructions. The full color pictures lead you step-by-step. Plans are even amenable to the use of salvage materials!

    Since you build it yourself you can be SPECIAL a one of a kind. Let those creative juices flow! Let your project become a work of art. Our plans open the door to creativity by giving you lots of options! Choose to use either the 8 or 10 inch wooden wheel in the plans or opt for some purchased wheels instead. Cutting diagrams for a plywood variation of the Classic Wooden Wagon are also included. The choice is yours! Whether your finished creation becomes a working tool or a classic toy from yesteryear - building it is child's play!

    At uBuilder Plans we want you to succeed! Technical support by email is always included.

    So why not take an afternoon and build yourself an heirloom?

    Safety NOTE: The wooden wagon that results from the use of these plans is NOT INTENDED as a CHILDREN'S TOY.
    Items that are designated as children’s toys require extensive safety testing, which this design has not received. Because this wagon is built from wood and screws there is a significant risk of injury from splinters or raised screw parts. By building these plans you are agreeing to assume any risk of injury that may incur from its use.

    $22.00 - WEBSITE Special! - includes Free Delivery by First Class Mail!