Stitching Champ Leather Clamp Plan


Leather workers and crafters alike often need an extra helping hand. These days ready built stitching horses, leather crafting clamps, and stitching ponies are terribly expensive and hard to find.

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Introducing the Stitching Champ Leather Clamp!

The Stitching Champ Leather Clamp will provide that extra help you so often need. Using these step-by-step building plans and your own new or re-claimed materials, you can easily create one of the most indispensable and affordable tools you will own. The practical design makes it possible to work from your favorite comfy chair. Simply place you feet on the foot rest and the clamping pedal and your materials will be held firmly in place, leaving both hands free to work. The compact design allows the Stitching Champ to be easily stored when not in use. It is just handier than pockets on a shirt. You will wonder how you ever worked without it!

uBuilder Plans we want you to succeed! We provide you with simple to follow step-by-step instructions, a clear photo, and professional measured drawings. The plans are written for easy assembly by almost any handy person! As always we offer technical follow up support by e-mail! Saddle maker or hobbyist, crafter, artist, or homesteader, this is the clamp for you.
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